Ads in Feeds? Please, no.


Hmmm. So FeedBurner is going to start allowing folk to embed Adsense in their RSS feeds. I don’t like ads on blogs much, I have to say, and getting content through RSS usually lets you avoid them. I really don’t like the idea of ads in my feeds.

There is one thing that is worse, though, and that’s partial RSS feeds (damn you, BBC!). Maybe with ads in feeds being more easily accessible – previously it’s only very well read bloggers that have ads on their feeds – we’ll start to see a two-tier system. Get the partial feed for free, or the full one with ads.

What an awful thought.

Anyway, DavePress is remaining ad-free, both on the site and in the feed. Just thought you might like to know.

One thought on “Ads in Feeds? Please, no.”

  1. Actually this already happens, small, very small banner ads. so hardly intrusive, on some of my feeds. your right about partial feeds, I just don’t ‘get’ the logic …

    as for ads, I have signed up but not implemented. have a feeling it’s hardly worthwhile as jeff jarvis said a while back he got very little from it. and if he’s getting little … more interested to see what weird associations it shows up, as happens in gmail all the time.

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