WordCamp UK

WordCamps are fairly unorganised events for lovers of the best blogging platform, like, eva: WordPress. The first one in the UK is taking place in Birmingham next month, and it’s going to be great. Get a ticket here.

Even better news is that Simon Dickson‘s going to be there, and running a session on non-blogging with WordPress. Simon’s also sponsoring the event, in his words:

It’s maybe unusual for a one-man company to sponsor a fairly large conference like this. But virtually everything Puffbox does at the moment is WordPress-based. It’s the content management platform I always dreamed of… and it’s free of charge. It’s time I gave something back.

Besides, it’s in Puffbox’s interests for this gathering to take place. It’ll be an enjoyable weekend of unashamed geekery. I’m hoping to meet some interesting people, learn some interesting things, and help create a support infrastructure for WordPress in the UK. A T-shirt with a big W on the front would be a bonus.

Well done him, a brilliant gesture, not least because Simon has already done more than anyone to progress the use of lightweight, low cost solutions like WordPress in UK government. I last saw Simon at the UK Gov barcamp aaaaaages ago, so will look forward to catching up with him – and a whole host of other top WordPress folk – at the WordCamp.

3 thoughts on “WordCamp UK”

  1. Hi Dave,
    I look forward to meeting you at WordCamp, I’ve followed your blog for a while for work related reason. I run a pilot blogging & forum system for the NHS website. Unfortunately, it doesn’t use WordPress but I’m hoping to pick up general tips which might be useful here, plus I do use WordPress for several personal projects. One way or another, I’m sure I’ll learn loads at the event!

  2. Caspar

    Sounds like you are doing some really interesting stuff – would be good to meet up! Are you involved in any of the (many) public sector webby networks that are springing up?

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