Scripting Enabled

Scripting Enabled looks like a really worthwhile couple of days out, if you can make it:

Scripting Enabled is a two day conference and workshop aimed at making the web a more accessible place. We are planning to achieve this by making those in the know about accessibility barriers meet hackers that know how to retrieve information from APIs and display them as alternative interfaces. Together these groups can make any system out there more inviting, accessible and available to people that are currently blocked out.

It’s taking place on the 19th and 20th September. Day one is finding out about accessibility issues, day two is a hack day to fix them. Book your place here, and sign up for the discussion group here (it runs on Yahoo! – old skool!).

4 thoughts on “Scripting Enabled”

  1. You aren’t having much luck with date clashes at the moment, are you? If you like I will stop posting about events so you don’t feel like you are missing out!

  2. No, please keep writing. I think our priorities are different enough things that we seldom cross over if there’s a clash – maybe at Parliament and the Internet and that’s it?

    My real question is, I guess: are there any social software event calendars in the UK and if so, why aren’t organisers checking them?

  3. That’s an interesting point, MJ. I don’t see why a public calendar couldn’t be created for this, would be a bitch for one person to maintain, but a collaborative effort might work!

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