Public Sector Bloggers Update

I’ve been putting a bit of work in updating the Public Sector Bloggers site, which aggregates a load of feeds from folk in the public sector who blog (duh…) in one place. The website gives a quick overview on the latest additions, or you can subscribe to a combined RSS feed or by email.

One thing I have changed is how the feed is generated. Before, I used Yahoo! Pipes to merge them all, which was a bit of pain in the neck. So I have now gone for a much easier way, which is to organise all the feeds in my Google Reader into a specific folder, and made that folder public, meaning it produces an RSS feed. I then use that feed to drive the site. Now to add a new feed, I just need to subscribe to it myself, and whack it into the right folder. Easy.

When I mentioned it last time, I had quite a few suggestions for additional feeds to add to the service. I’ve added quite a few more, so the list now looks like this:

Again, if I have missed anyone obvious out, please do let me know.

9 thoughts on “Public Sector Bloggers Update”

  1. Dave, really appreciate your huffin’-puffin’ sweat labour in making this list. Homework takes time. It’s an immediately and immensely helpful egov compass.


  2. Ah! OK, well we cleared that one up! Also – worth noting here as well as everywhere else – I am being a bit rubbish at the moment on my blog. Do delve into the history for anything that might vaguely interest. Current musings are rather random…

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