How do you start yours?

Browser, that is.

I was rather interested to hear what people used as their ‘home page’ in their browser – ie the page that loads when you first open your browser. Firefox makes this more interesting with its tabs, which allow you to start several sites immediately, each one in a different tab.

Personally, I start with my webmail (Gmail running through Google Apps for your Domain), Google Reader, FriendFeed, and the admin dashboard for this blog. I asked others on Twitter what they like to use, and here are the responses I got:

  • @dominiccampbell iGoogle
  • @rohan_london my ‘fox fires up with gootodo list and googlereader. I then have facebook, twitter and gmail addons so I can scope updates
  • @simonwakeman gmail, blog admin, statcounter,
  • @justingsouter I use Session Manager in FireFox, and invariably have web pages from previous browsing session…
  • @paulhenderson 6 tabs BBC news, Cricinfo, Bloglines, ruralnet|uk, delicious & twitter
  • @watfordgap igoogle can access everything else from there
  • @citizensheep With all the tabs I had open in the previous session. Usually includes Gmail, Twitter and MonkeyGTD

Interesting mix… what do other people use?

7 thoughts on “How do you start yours?”

  1. Oooh this is dead interesting.

    I use Firefox 3 and have set 4 homepage tabs: 1) Remember the milk; 2) Gmail; 3) Google reader; 4) My blog

    But like Jay, I tend to re-open with the last session’s tabs, having usually shut down in a bit of a hurry due to a nasty case of real life.

  2. Depends on whether I’m at work or at home. At work, they try to force me onto the intranet – but I have Firefox, too (had to make a business request) which has iGoogle, blog, Communities of Practice, twitter, and IDeA Knowledge in tabs.

    At home, previous session – which usually makes me wonder “why the heck was I looking at that?” This post has inspired me to fix that. Probably will have a different blog, iGoogle, Twitter, Flickr – do I need an extra tab during football season for my favourite fan blog? Yes, probably I do.

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