ICELE eDemocracy Guides

Alastair Smith at Newcastle City Council today brought my attention to the fact that the ICELE eDemocracy guides were no longer available. Effectively, the link to the page where they were distributed via the Lulu website no longer works.

Luckily for Alastair, and perhaps others, I saved the downloadable PDFs of the guides a while ago, and so now am happy to make them available here on DavePress for folk that want them:

I think I have them all, although four doesn’t seem that many. If you have any others I have missed, do let me know.

4 thoughts on “ICELE eDemocracy Guides”

  1. @Fraser – Thanks for that link – looks like interesting stuff!

    @Paulie – am happy to publish here if you want to email it over, otherwise I am happy to link to your site if you upload it there.

  2. We have the e-democracy module that the National Project funded and Fraser worked as subject matter expert on with Deborah Limb. Happy to give anyone from local government access to it that would like it. Just drop us a line at Learning Pool. There were also some e-democracy games – unsure where they ended up…

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