Hotel Yotel

I’m on my way to Stockholm, where I will be doing some social reporting and blog coaching at Cisco’s Public Sector Summit.

I’m flying from Heathrow tomorrow (Monday) morning, at 7.25am and to save myself a bit of hassle I am stopping over tonight so all I have to do is roll out of bed, onto a bus and I should be at terminal five within ten minutes.

I’m staying in the Yotel in terminal four, which specialises in, well, tiny rooms! I knew it was going to be small, but was quite shocked when I walked in the door of my ‘cabin’. I made a quick video with my Flip Ultra to demonstrate just how bijou this room is:

I must say, I have never been quite so scared of falling out of bed!

3 thoughts on “Hotel Yotel”

  1. Looks a hell of a lot like the Micro Compact Home!

    There was one of these on show in Birmingham last year and it was rather mad. A little better designed than yours I think (it had way more storage space and could sleep 4) but same principles.

    How much are you paying? Having spent £80 on a hotel room at Gatwick for about 4 hours last year this is very intriguing!

  2. The roomette is kinda cute in a nomadic sorta way. Kinda encourages one to get out and join the bigger space in the social milieu.

    Got everything you need!


  3. that’s tiny.

    This massive desire I’m now getting to go stay at Heathrow can only come from the same biological wellspring that tells you sleeping in a tent in your own garden at the age of 8 is awesome.

    I don’t have a reason to go to Heathrow so I’m probably just go and get my tent out.

    And flip video cameras are awesome.

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