Travelling to Sweden

I have been rather enjoying myself on my trip to Sweden today, even after a very short night’s sleep in the world’s smallest hotel room.

I kind of even enjoyed waiting for a bus at 4.25am under Heathrow’s terminal 4:

Under terminal 4

But on getting to terminal 5, this FILTHY breakfast gave me some much-needed stamina, I must say.


I’m delighted to note that my room here in Stockholm is much larger and nicer than the one I was in last night. Here’s a quick video update on that subject and on what I’m actually doing here in Sweden:

3 thoughts on “Travelling to Sweden”

  1. Were you filming that in the mirror or something, Dave? The packaging of your amusing confectionery reveals that the picture is horizontally inverted. Or is that a feature of the Flip cameras? Ho ho ho.

    Anyway, Stockholm rocks. Enjoy.

  2. Ha! I don’t know why it turned out that way – I was recording using the inbuilt camera in my macbook.

    Am a bit worried about how tired I look!

  3. Blimey they do a better full english breakfast in Sweden than they do in… well….erm….. England.

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