Twitterhack is a new blog I have started. And it’s horrible.


I hate ads on blogs, and this one has lots of them. It even has ads in the RSS, and the RSS isn’t even full text!

Here’s why I have inflicted this abomination on the world: I found myself writing – or wanting to write – more and more about Twitter as different stuff came to my attention, but didn’t want DavePress to become overwhelmed with that sort of thing.

Also, I’m kind of interested in how ads can be used on websites, how how you can use metrics to find out which bits of sites people visit and where they are most likely to click on the ads. So, why not turn my new Twitterblog into an ad experiment too?

So, if you are interested, feel free to sign up for the RSS or just visit TwitterHack now and again. But don’t send me emails telling me it’s horrible – I know it is!

2 thoughts on “TwitterHack”

  1. Usefully, Akregator only shows me the RSS text unless I choose to read the complete story and if you view the site in Firefox with NoScript turned up full the only ad that comes through is the Amazon link, so it's not too bad at all 🙂

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