I treated myself to a new toy today, a Mac Mini. Here it is, next to the rather splendid curtains in our spare room:

Mac mini

To be honest, I really want a nice big iMac but can’t afford it. The Mini is a nice, relatively cheap alternative. Working on a MacBook all the time really isn’t good for the eyes – and with the Mini plugged into a 20″ monitor, that’s no longer a problem.

Mini and monitor

In terms of grunt, the Mini is slightly less powerful than your average MacBook, but seems to be fine with what I need it for. Editing video might be a struggle, though.

5 thoughts on “Mini”

  1. Dave, these Minis are great little machines in the training sector, especially if configured dual-boot MacOS–Windows. Easy to deploy from room to room, easy to lock up for the night, and more secure against spillage than laptops would be (students, you know)… I have also heard of Minis being used as small stand-alone servers.

  2. Perfect for ‘boxee’ which you probably already know. Local Cambridge company Mythic Beasts use them for servers even offering a co-lo service. Found them to be a bit slow when it comes to running the Adobe Creative Suite products but apart from that , nice little machines.

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