Pukka: an answer to my prayers

I’m making quite a lot of use of the social bookmarking service Delicious at the moment. Luckily, it is mostly using my own account, but on one or two projects I am using specific accounts.

This can be a pain in the neck. I’ve installed the Delicious extension for Firefox which makes bookmarking a dream – but that only works with my usual account. Logging in and out all the time is a faff and not really an option.

What I have been doing recently is using different browsers for different accounts. It’s cumbersome and sometimes tricky to remember which browser works with which account!

However, I’ve now found the answer to my multiple delicious account problem prayers. It’s called Pukka.

pukkaPukka is a piece of software from some guys called Code Sorcery which makes it a breeze to manage all your accounts in one go.

Effectively, it is a client for Delicious. You load it up with the credentials for all your accounts, which you can then choose from a drop down menu when creating a bookmark.

There is also a bookmarklet which lets you call up the application straight from the browser and which fills in quite a few of the details of the page you are viewing for you.

It isn’t perfect – I can’t find an option to be able to post a bookmark to multiple accounts, for instance – but for roughly a tenner you can’t really go wrong.

Sadly for Windows and Linux users, it is Mac only.

3 thoughts on “Pukka: an answer to my prayers”

  1. When you think about it, there *had* to be a solution out there somewhere… Just a case of taking the time to dig through Google and find it!

    Pleased it’s helpful, anyhow.

  2. Thanks for writing Pukka up, Dave. To answer your question about multiple account posting, I did not want to implement this for fear of being an easy Delicious spamming tool. The compromise made is that if you hold down Option when submitting, the form will neither reset nor hide, allowing you to select a new account (using Command [ and ]), alter the post if needed, and quickly post again to another account.

    Hope that helps.

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