Video hosting is always a bit of a bother, as no one service does it all, as far as I am aware.

I did a fair bit of social reporting last week, and am already running into difficulties in finding a hosting solution that can cope with the size of the files I am wanting to upload; and which is accessible within the organisations that need to see them.

It turns out that my usual favourite choice, Vimeo, is blocked in a hell of a lot of places.

Well, VideoPress looks like it might be worth looking into. It’s been created by Automattic, the guys behind WordPress and various other cool things. It’s a video upload and hosting service that uses as its back end, as far as I can tell. But you can embed your videos wherever you like.

Here’s a video explaining more.

4 thoughts on “Videopress”

  1. good find! A lot of the problem with uploading video is also that the user can’t shrink the files small enough to upload, especially in rural areas. (just thought I would add that even though off topic)

  2. Dave – thanks for this – will try it out. Will need to check it out on the CoP platform to see if we can overcome the problems you had with Vimeo.

  3. The player definitely needs to be updated.

    If it’s caught in the boundaries of a fixed-width website then the player cannot be set to those other sizes. A popup would have to be provided, and not just the regular fullscreen.

    The video restarts when I switch to HD. It should continue where I was last at.

    I can’t skip ahead unless the video has already loaded to the point I want to see. That’s a showstopper for me.

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