Formspring seems a neat little service.


It creates a profile for you on which people can ask questions, either anonymously or by logging in.

Questions don’t become publicly published though until you decide they are worth answering, so there is the possibility for a bit of quality control there.

Also what’s neat is that you can integrate it with a few different social networking sites, like Twitter and Facebook, so you can ensure people in those spaces get to see your answers.

What’s more, you can grab some embed code so people can submit questions to you from any website or blog.

I can see a potential use for this simple technology for politicians to answer questions in public from citizens. Am sure there are plenty of others too – any ideas?

Here’s my profile. Feel free to try out asking a question on it. I might answer, if you aren’t too rude 😉

5 thoughts on “Formspring”

  1. We’re starting to use it with Buenos Aires city mayor, Mauricio Macri…

    We collected a bunch of questions and then selected 5 of them to do on video, next week they’ll be online. Of course all the questions will be answered through Formspring as well…

    We don’t really know if this is just a fad and will die away in a couple of weeks… but we’re testing!

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