Kodak Zi8 review

I recently got a Kodak Zi8 video camera. It’s like a beefed up Flip and I think it should be considered the default choice for social reporters everywhere.

I did this video review of it, which turned out even ropier than I thought it would. Still, I’m learning.

Ironically, the review was recorded using a Flip. Maybe that’s my excuse?

Nick Booth has just published a nice post, where he recommends the Flip over the Kodak for ease of use.

3 thoughts on “Kodak Zi8 review”

  1. We’ve been using Flip Mino’s with a local authority, and the beauty is you can plug them into your council PC or laptop, and use Windows Movie Maker to edit the .avi file. So it scores heavily on ease of use for taking videos and editing.

    I’ve got a Zi8 and it saves in quicktime, and Windows Movie Maker doesn’t like quicktime at all. The software that comes with the Zi8 is ok, but not great.

    Worse still, all the other models of Flip’s use the .h264 codec, which WIndows Movie Maker doesn’t like, so you can’t recommend them for the Joe Public kind of use.

  2. I’m wating for the Creative Vado HD 3G to hit UK shores. For starers I think this will do HD in MPEG-4 instead of MOV, which I guess is more web friendly. Still, Zi8 looks like a good choice.

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