Why chief executives should blog

I was delighted to have the opportunity to interview Mark Lloyd, Chief Executive of Cambridgeshire County Council, recently.

Since taking up his post, Mark has written a prolific internal blog about his work at the Council to inform and engage with his colleagues at all levels of the organisation.

This is exactly the sort of thing I have been talking about for the last couple of months – that really effective use of social media behind the firewall should be a priority for local councils. Mark’s experiences should hopefully encourage more of this activity across local government.


Many thanks to Michele Ide-Smith for arranging this interview.

I’m keen to do more videos like this – if you or someone you know would make a good subject, do get in touch!

7 thoughts on “Why chief executives should blog”

  1. Wise leader who understands that it’s the electred political masters who must face the music of public exposure, not appointed staff. Quite confidently, we can assert that were staff routinely exposed publicly, their anonymity, objectivity, and neutrality, politically, would be demolished.

    Thanks for the video, Dave. Instructive.


  2. After 5 and a half years at Cambirdgeshire CC (and a after recent move to the lovely Barnsley MBC) – nice to see a familiar face on your blog! I used to read Mark’s blog everyday when at CCC. When it was introduced it did help to provide some indication that our head honcho was out and about, doing the necessary and it does help a massive workforce gain confidence in their leader and allows a modicum of transparency to goings on. And right on your doorstep Dave! Say hi to Cambridge for me (not homesick really – yet!) Hehe

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