Local by Social: Andy Gibson

Now it is Andy Gibson’s turn. He wrote the Local by Social book!

  • Andy is hoping to provide some perspective on all the digital stuff
  • As railroads transformed the way we work and our society, so will the new online tools
  • Imagine a London with no public transport. Would be very different, service provision would be much harder.
  • Comms is fundamental to everything that we do. Move away from broadcasting into a two way conversation.
  • Enabling communities to come together and help themselves
  • Potential to reinvent democracy
  • Opportunity for involvement of service users in design of those services
  • Budget crisis in public services – radical streamlining of government. Crisis is a good time for innovation!
  • Budget issues has brought impetus – the need to do things differently is here, now
  • Money decisions are an indication of priorities.
  • Pressure to innovate means people need to have ideas at the ready. Attitude to risk may shift – do something in a risky way, or don’t do it at all
  • Need for agility, eg in procurement and in development
  • Need for government folk to horizon scan and build the arguments. Need to be ready for when the change happens.

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