Local by Social: Public Service 2.0

Dominic Campbell is first up. Yay!

  • Dom is going to talk about some of the research he has been doing with Harvard University
  • “This isn’t about technology” – too right!
  • New kind of change facing local gov – one that is web enabled
  • Move to communicative governance from new public management – more about people rather than processes
  • Big society as a banner or brand for grouping together lots of civic activity that’s been going on for a while
  • Fix the system or create a new one?
  • Gov 2.0, transparency and campaigning – Micah Sifry’s branches of we.gov – but misses social innovation and enterprise, says Dom
  • Dom recommends The Power of Social Innovation by Stephen Goldsmith (and I agree, it’s good!)
  • NESTA’s social innovator website is good (link to come soon)
  • Tim O’Reilly – government as a platform
  • Less mob, more flash – flocklocal does flashmobbing for social good
  • Working with social innovators for change – is this just outsourcing by stealth?
  • System world (old school gov) meets life world – such as NHS Choices working with Patient Opinion. Edges of government blurring
  • Collective social action online – Clay Shirky stuff.
  • Local Government in Britain is probably the most vibrant space for discussing and actually doing change
  • Need to connect on and offline… role of mobile… also digital divide
  • “Creating truly new ways of transforming services, governing and creating public value”
  • Networks matter – where are the networks and communities in your area?
  • Service design – rewiring the way government thinks about its customers
  • Need to blend the results and learning from eGovernment with the new social era
  • Dom mentions the safeguarding 2.0 project FutureGov are working on – sounds like good stuff!
  • Human networks matter – what is the social graph of an at-risk child? How can the relationships and information flow be improved within that graph?
  • 1. Lay foundations (digital inclusion, open data); 2. Foster culture change (inside and outside the org, leadership); 3. I missed the third thing, gah!
  • FutureGov is building a social innovation marketplace – called Simpl – for people to post ideas and find or give help. Ready in the summer!

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  1. Great stuff Dave – thank’s so much for being there and sharing.
    Might have to pinch all this for a talking I’m doing next week πŸ˜‰

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