9 thoughts on “Engaging using LinkedIn”

  1. DWP has a LinkedIn group – Jobcoach – which is a fairly self-facilitating space for jobseekers and those in employment to give each other advice and support. 2500+ members at the moment.

  2. Just to clarify, the Ken Clarke example was arranged by the Conservative party before the election, when Ken was shadow Business secretary. So I guess it’s a bit dormant now.

    • Ah, I was confused because under Clarke’s name on the answers page, it lists him with his government role…but I guess that is just LinkedIn being dynamic.

  3. Nice article Dave. We have just set up an NAO alumni group on Linkedin which has grown quickly. Part of our business case was knowning already about the UKTI group. Also the Cambridge Alumni group works very well which I have been monitoring.


  4. It’s worthwhile checking out how ‘real life’ networking groups are using LinkedIn (like Connected Cambridge). There are some curious crossovers happening, such as netLinked. Be interesting to see what dynamics this brings with it. I’ve used LinkedIn on and off for a while and still not sure of it but I am getting a sense of a new buzz within it.

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