Some Kind of Digital posts

There’s been a few posts put up over on the Kind of Digital blog in the last couple of weeks and so I thought I’d do a quick pointer just in case you aren’t subscribed to that just yet.

What we use

Setting up a new company is fun, and part of the fun is choosing what bits of tech to use – especially if you’re a geek like me. What is interesting now is that starting a business is much easier in a world of web applications and software as a service.

Chief Execs and social media

…we’re redoubling our efforts to put together a programme for aspiring digital leaders. If you’d like to know more, either for yourself or your boss, do let us know. Alternatively, if you have some ideas for how it ought to work or what content should be included, we’d love to hear about that too!

Getting training right

We’ve been having social media conferences and workshops for a few years now, but they tend to have a common problem, which is that it’s always the same people who attend – usually webbies or communicators.