Who retweeted you?

I didn’t know you could do this. Maybe you don’t either, so I’ll share it.

How do you find out which of your tweets have been retweeted, and by who? Turns out, by looking on the Twitter website!

First, go to twitter.com and log in. Then click the little ‘Retweets’ tab just under the updates box. Should look a little like this:

Retweet tab

Click on ‘Your Tweets, retweeted’, as per the arrow.

You’ll see a list of all your tweets that others have retweeted. Cool!

If you then hover over one, and click, a detail pane should pop up, giving info on exactly who retweeted you. Click the image below to make it bigger, if you need to.

Retweet details

So now you know.

5 thoughts on “Who retweeted you?”

  1. “Old” Twitter used to enable you to link directly to that page. Vain people (yes, I’m looking at myself here) could have a bookmark to enable quick checks. “New” Twitter forces an extra click into the process, and was enough to hold me up from migrating until absolutely forced to. Demonstrating that it’s the smallest things sometimes that make a difference…

  2. The Twitter API has a range of retweet supported calls that support this functionality [ https://dev.twitter.com/docs/api ]

    So for example:
    GET statuses/retweets_of_me – Returns the 20 most recent tweets of the authenticated user that have been retweeted by others
    GET statuses/:id/retweeted_by – Show user objects of up to 100 members who retweeted the status.
    GET statuses/:id/retweeted_by/ids – Show user ids of up to 100 users who retweeted the status.
    GET statuses/retweets/:id – Returns up to 100 of the first retweets of a given tweet.

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