Starting up DaveMail

I had a go at doing an email newsletter once before – put a signup form here on the blog, got quite a few people to subscribe, and then never got round to sending a single issue. Useless!

Part of my trouble then was that I wasn’t that comfortable with the software. Recently though, for a few projects, I’ve been playing with MailChimp and been dead impressed with it. So, I thought I would have another go.

Click here to sign up for DaveMail, a weekly email newsletter that will feature a fresh article that won’t get published here on the blog, plus a list of great links for anyone wanting the best of the web’s coverage of digital engagement and other technology stuff.

I’ll be publishing every Sunday, so there will hopefully be at least one nice email waiting for you on Monday morning!

2 thoughts on “Starting up DaveMail”

  1. Hi Dave. Where’s your privacy policy or DPA statement? Who else will you be sharing my data with? MailChimp presumably? Who do they share it with?

    I’m slightly disappointed you haven’t gone with an EU-based provider that supports the List-Id specification which helps people to manage their email so much better.

    • Hiya

      In answer to your questions: don’t have one; don’t have one; hopefully no-one; oh yes, them obviously; no idea, but hopefully no-one.

      I’ll look into getting better answers sorted as soon as I can.

      MailChimp just works, I guess, and is the easiest to use – for me – system like this I’ve come across.

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