The Twitter guide, updated!

One of the more popular things I have written is the guide to using Twitter in the public sector, published by my good friends at Learning Pool.

It was first produce a couple of years ago and was due an update, which has finally happened!

You can download the new version from the Learning Pool website – all for free, of course.

It would be good to get some feedback on the guide, and to hear what might be good to add to the next revision.

Don’t forget the Kind of Digital one page guides to various social media tools, which might be of use too!

2 thoughts on “The Twitter guide, updated!”

  1. Hi Dave
    Looks good. I have noted that you are looking for feedback for your next version. What I can do is circulate this within the National Police Web Managers Group to ask colleagues to feedback to you on the document – would this help?

    Chair: National Police Web Managers Group

  2. Hey Dave,

    The link on learning pool doesn’t seem to be working. Keen to get my hands on a copy though…

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