ifttt – an absurdly useful little tool

If this…then that (commonly known as ifttt) is a ridiculously brilliant little thing.

It allows you to set automated tasks based on your activities online – and is as easy to use as clicking a few buttons – no complicated wrangling with the likes of Yahoo! Pipes here.

Here’s an example. You can tell ifttt that when you post a photo on your phone to Instagram, it should copy it across and post it in your Flickr stream too.

Or. you could tell ifttt that when you save a bookmark in Pinboard, it should also create a link post in your Tumblr site.

The ‘recipes’ page on the ifttt site is full of examples of how users are stitching together loads of online services to create something new.

I set something up recently that made me feel a bit better about the photos I share online. I already have my Instagram photos sent to Flickr – and Flickr remains my main online photo archive. So, I added a rule to ifttt to save any photos that appear on Flickr to my Dropbox account.

Of course, Dropbox syncs files automatically with all my computers, so this means I get a local copy of my photos saved, giving a bit more peace of mind.

Now, I’ll admit my use of ifttt is pretty boring. Anyone doing anything more exciting?

5 thoughts on “ifttt – an absurdly useful little tool”

  1. Not sure about exciting, but I have the following tasks:

    – if the weather is going to be rainy / sunny then sms me
    – if I post an instagram tagged #print then it emails the photo to picplum.com, who print it and post it
    – if I either star a post in google reader, favourite a tweet or bookmark a page in delicious then save to evernote… one place to look for something I know I’ve seen

  2. Known about this service for ages, and although I love the idea, I can never actually come up with any real use for it.

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