Youth councils – any good examples?

I’m starting to look at youth councils with a local authority, particularly in terms of how digital can improve levels of participation.

I’ve got some ideas, admittedly not youth council-centric, but rather taking stuff I’ve learned from other online engagement projects and hoping it will fit.

So I’m Googling away like mad, looking up different youth councils and some of the things they are doing online. I’ve not turned up much in the way of really innovative ideas just yet.

So, I’m turning to you, faithful readers. Seen anything good? Let me know!

3 thoughts on “Youth councils – any good examples?”

  1. I have been facilitating a youth council for over the past year. We are trying to go statewide this year. We have deaf youth on our council. One of the deaf youth has been researching digital communications. We have chosen google plus at this time. But we are in the creation stage and will be trying to implement this in the coming months. Please let me know of any resources that you could refer to our youth council.

  2. Along with a few youth council examples you can find out more about youth engagement by local (parish and town) councils in NALC’s ‘Whatever, yeah – Local councils and youth provision’. The booklet highlights just some of the innovative approaches taken by local councils to better represent young people in their local area.

    A few other leads worth following up are:

    – Shrewsbury Town Council’s mini mayors scheme;
    – Sevenoaks Town Council’s new youth cafe;
    – Billericay Town Council’s youth council.

    The British Youth Council, as already suggested, are also a good source of knoweldge on youth councils.


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