The dream is fading fast

John Naughton:

Because we’ve all bought into the techno-utopianism of the early Internet, we tend to assume that it’s always going to be open to everyone. But as more and more of the world goes online, it’s clear that we’re heading in a very different direction — towards an online world dominated by huge, primarily foreign-owned, corporations which are creating walled gardens in which internet users will be corralled and treated like captive consumers, much as travellers are in UK airports now. The dream that the Internet would make everything available to everyone on equal terms is fading fast.

One thought on “The dream is fading fast”

  1. Yes. I saw this a few years ago, triggered by watching Steve Jobs talk at Devos8 was it? He contrasted two things which I hadn’t put together, search versus apps. This is one of the ways the internet is being packaged. The other being chinese walls being implemented by geo-polities globally, and various SOTA etc policies attempting to own content.

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