Asana – smart group task management

I’ve just got into using Asana to manage my projects, thanks to a tip from Simon Booth-Lucking at Claremont Communications.

It’s a great web-based task manager. What I really like about it is that it work on two levels – you can build a very simple task list very quickly, or you can do some much more sophisticated project management if that’s what you require.

It’s also great value. You can have as many projects as you like, shared with up to 15 people, all for free. Only if you go above the 15 person limit do you need to start paying.

Here’s a video introducing Asana. If you want to see some more demos of what it is capable of, then the YouTube channel is the place to go.


2 thoughts on “Asana – smart group task management”

  1. As much as I enjoyed Asana’s interface at first, it’s no match for other free alternatives like Bitrix24 when it comes to team management. Asana does only tasks, but when you need workflows, collaboration, online editing – I’d rather use Bitrix24 instead. Or

    1. Hi there

      Well, it really depends on what one is after really. I hadn’t heard of Bitrix24 before your comment, but on looking at it, I think it provides a whole wealth of features I don’t need in a project management tool.

      What I like about Asana is that it just does the tasks!

      Horses for courses, I guess 🙂

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