Podcast episode 1 – Dan Slee

Inspired by my friends Lloyd and Robert, I’m starting a regular-ish podcast. Here’s the first episode, where I chat with all round comms supremo Dan Slee, off of Comms 2.0.

If you would like to subscribe to the podcast in your favourite podcasting app, the feed is http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:13017131/sounds.rss

Show notes and related links (in a slightly jumbled order):

14 thoughts on “Podcast episode 1 – Dan Slee

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  3. albfreeman

    Do you know how to subscribe to your podcast in the iOS Podcasts app? I have pasted in the URL, but the app is not recognising it.

    1. Dave Briggs Post author

      Hiya Albert – I’ve just submitted the podcast to iTunes and that should mean it starts appearing in the Podcasts directory soon. Sorry entering the feed didn’t work for you – it did for me when I just tested it. Maybe try again? The correct feed is http://davebriggs.libsyn.com/rss

      1. albfreeman

        Still no joy. Yes, that is the URL I am searching on. It just comes back saying No Results for “http://davebriggs.libsyn.com/rss”
        Weird that it works for you but not me.

  4. albfreeman

    Nice one. Yes, that works. I was thinking of perhaps switching to using another podcasts app, such as Downcast. But I’ll give Apple one last chance.

  5. albfreeman

    I finally had chance to listen while doing my Sunday housework. Very interesting discussion, I look forward to meeting you both in York on Thursday.

    1. Dave Briggs Post author

      Will be great to meet you too, Albert! Might bring my audio recorder and we could do a podcast at the event, with you as a special guest!

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