LocalGovCamp 2014 thoughts #1- culture

I found LocalGovCamp a really refreshing and cheering event this year. I’m going to spend a few quick posts writing up my thoughts.

Lot and lots of discussion about culture and culture change. This discussion has been going on since forever, and if we are being frank with ourselves, it isn’t going to change dramatically soon.

So what to do? Don’t lets make the culture change discussion stop us from doing things. Have a go, fix what you can right now.

It could be that by having enough people doing this at the same time the culture will look after itself.

One thought on “LocalGovCamp 2014 thoughts #1- culture”

  1. Interesting thoughts…a small observation (for what it’s worth) on culture change that ties in with your thoughts on moving on.
    Organisational cultures are very static and hard to change but our culture (our everyday life) is continually changing (if at times it is imperceptible to us) though we often choose to deny that change. We probably just need to acknowledge that cultures change rather than trying to force artificial changes. Clinging on to the past isn’t good for anyone being open to the change that is around us is essential – without that openness to what is happening we can’t critically engage and so can’t influence or be part of the culture we are living and working in.

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