2 thoughts on “FireFox 2.0 problems”

  1. now wait a minute here…you come to my blog and tell me to dump Blogger due to slight temp maint probs, yet you complain now of Firefox 2 crashing a lot. perhaps you don’t know how to work it?

    WordPress is cool…if you have the paid hosting version.

    I advance Zero Budget Marketing as a clever ploy to show what can be done with nothing, no expense, so that when the global depression hits, I and my clients will be way ahead of the pack heading for the big cheese.

  2. Yeah, that’s right, I don’t know how to work a browser. Is there even a wrong way to use FireFox?

    You blogged about the Blogger downtime. I figure you didn’t do that because you were overjoyed about it. I gave some advice – albeit bluntly put. That’s it – no need for the thinly veiled insults.

    I wish you and your clients luck in beating any future recession with free blogs. I’m sure it’ll be that which makes the difference between you and those that fail.

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