Co-creating an open declaration on public services 2.0

An email from my friend Paul Johnston – he’s a Cisco public sector specialist and is behind the rather neat Connected Republic site – alerts me to EUPS 2.0 initiative. Here’s how it is explained:

Every two years, EU Ministers gather to agree on a Ministerial Declaration on e-government, which is the main European strategic document. This is usually accompanied by an Industry declaration.

We feel the urge to add an open declaration, collaboratively built and endorsed by EU citizens who share the view that the web is transforming our society and our governments. We feel e-government policies in Europe could learn from the open, meritocratic, transparent and user-driven culture of the web. We also feel that current web citizens should engage more positively with government to help designing a strategy which is genuinely difficult to adopt in the traditional culture of public administration.

We trust that if we manage to deliver quality of insight and quantity of endorsement, we will present this declaration officially at the EU ministerial conference on e-government, in Malmo on November 2009.

The open declaration is being collaboratively edited using the MixedInk tool, which to my shame I am yet to have a proper play with.

Check out the blog, and the Google Group too. I’ll be keeping my eye on this, a potentially really interesting initiative.