What is Twitter?

There was a bit of discussion on Twitter this evening about explaining Twitter to the uninitiated.

(If this sounds a bit navel-gazingy, that’s because it probably is. Hang around in any online space for long enough and you soon end up in meta-conversations of this type.)

Emma Maier of the Local Government Chronicle is organising some collectively written guidance on a Google Doc – here’s the link and I recommend you get stuck in!

Of course, a longer guide is the one I wrote for Learning Pool a couple of years ago, and which is soon to be republished in an updated form.

In the meantime though, I thought I’d knock together a quick single page effort, which ought to be handy for the absolute beginner.

I’ve embedded it below, but if you can’t see it, go to the ‘Useful Stuff’ page on the Kind of Digital site and you can download a PDF.

I’ll be doing some more of these – LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and blogging are all bound to feature. Would these be useful? Any other topics spring to mind?

Let me know!

Next live webchat – Tuesday 26th July on overcoming barriers

We haven’t done a live webchat this month yet, so let’s squeeze one in before August is upon us!

So, at 11am on 26th July, please join me on the Kind of Digital site for an hour’s live chatter about overcoming barriers to implementing social media type online innovation.

Am sure there’s plenty to keep us occupied on that topic!

If you head over to the chat page now, you can sign up for an email reminder.

One resource that’s worth scanning before we get together is Tim Davies‘ great wiki on the barriers to getting going with social media.

Looking forward to chatting next Tuesday! 😉

Launching the public sector web network

The webIt’s only a soft launch, but a launch nonetheless.

Public Sector Customer Services Forum and Kind of Digital are coming together to develop a content and events focused online community for those that use the web in their work delivering public services.

So, it’s not a network just for those that work in web teams. We know that people in all sorts of roles are now heavily web focused in their activity and we want to reflect that in the events we run and the content we publish here.

Our first event is a social media themed conference in Glasgow in September – you can find out more here. It features presentations about the very latest good practice in the field, from practitioners making things happen within their organisations right now.

We’ll be adding more to the site over the next few weeks, curating and drawing together resources that are already out there, and generating some brand new content exclusive to the network.

Don’t forgot to make sure you are kept in the loop by signing up to our email newsletter, or grabbing the blog’s RSS feed. Of course, we are also on Twitter and you can follow us there as well!

Here comes Noot – the public sector social business tool

I’ve written loads in the past about the importance of using social technology in the workplace, especially in the public sector.

It’s great for tearing down silos, sharing knowledge, making the most of talent, completing projects successfully and maybe making life a bit more interesting.

One bit of technology I have had my eye on for a while is a bit of open source loveliness called Open Atrium, which is based on the popular and powerful Drupal framework.

What really caught my attention was that it was announced recently that the White House were using it to collaborate with. This is a bit of software that means business.

So I was delighted when I started talking with my good pals Harry and Rupert at Neontribe – web developers and user experience legends from Norwich (and who are organising RewiredState Norfolk this weekend, which you really ought to get to if you can). It turns out that they live and breath Drupal, and whats more, had started to get enquiries about OpenAtrium themselves.


We put our heads together and came up with Noot. Noot is a hosted Open Atrium offering aimed squarely at the public sector here in the UK. The Neontribe gang handle all the technical stuff, while Kind of Digital provides the consultancy and training to make sure customers get the most out of their investment.

Noot provides you with:

  • Groups, allowing people across your organisation or from partner organisations to get together and collaborate.
  • Discussions, so folk can talk to one another.
  • Collaborative authoring, allowing people to jointly create and edit documents.
  • Project and task management, helping to get stuff done
  • File uploading and sharing
  • Yammer or Twitter style status updates

…and a bunch of other cool stuff. What’s more, we’re going to be actively listening to users and developing more features to provide the functionality people really need.

So whether you just want to get people in your organisation talking to each other, want to manage cross departmental projects better, or start doing some serious partnership collaboration, Noot could well be the technology that suits your people and your process.

We’re still tidying things up, getting our marketing messages right and figuring out just how much we are going to charge for this thing. In the meantime, do follow Noot on Twitter, and bookmark the homepage so you know where to go to find out more.

If you’d like a demo or an early chat about Noot, you know where I am.

Digital engagement workshop, Peterborough, 25th May

Introduction to Digital Engagement Workshop

Wednesday, 25th May, 2011 – The Bull Hotel, Peterborough

We are delighted to announce this workshop introducing local authorities to the opportunity offered by the web and social media to enable effective engagement with citizens and communities.

Facilitated by Kind of Digital’s Director, Dave Briggs, who has a wealth of experience advising government on digital engagement at all levels – from small local authorities to 10 Downing Street – attendees will come away with a full grasp of the background and potential of this work as well as a practical toolkit to get underway.

The agenda, a blended mixture of engaging talks, group discussion and practical exercises, will include the following sessions:

  • How local authorities can use the web and social networks to engage citizens and communities
  • Case studies of good practice use of emerging technology to engage by those involved in local government
  • How to develop a digital engagement strategy for your work
  • Choosing the right tools and approach to meet your objectives
  • Getting around organisational barriers to implementing your plan

Further support

As well as the training on the day, attendees will benefit from post-event support and learning. This includes exclusive access to a follow-up web conference and an online support forum.


If you book your place before 6th May, you receive the benefit of an early bird discount, so don’t delay!

  • Early bird price – £125 + VAT
  • Standard price – £150 + VAT

Book now!

Find out more details – including a full agenda – and book at www.kindofdigital.com/pboro25may now!

Alternatively, get in touch:

Phone: 020 3286 5186

Email: hello@kindofdigital.com