LINK: “Blogging is most certainly not dead”

Social media is as compelling as ever, but people are increasingly souring on the surveillance state Skinner boxes like Facebook and Twitter. Decentralized media like blogs and newsletters are looking better and better these days… Original:

Why start a blog?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to start blogging: You have ideas you want to share You have a story to tell You have knowledge you want to demonstrate You want to progress your career You want the great work your organisation does to get recognition All of these are great … Keep reading

Bookmarks for October 3rd through October 19th

I find this stuff so that you don’t have to. Solace 2010 write up; Localism, hash tags and a reflection on priorities – Great write up from Catherine Howe. Thriving too: Big Society: Yours Mine and Ours – "So how do smaller networks, organisations and projects engage with Big Society if they don’t feel completely … Keep reading