LocalGovCamp 2014 thoughts #3 – collaboration is key

I found LocalGovCamp a really refreshing and cheering event this year. I’m going to spend a few quick posts writing up my thoughts. Mary McKenna brilliantly facilitated an excellent discussion on collaboration – why it is needed, why it hasn’t worked that well up to now, and how that might be fixed. Some great input […]


SyncSpace looks like a fun, useful app: SyncSpace provides a zoomable drawing space that can be sketched on by multiple collaborators, at any time, over the net. No files to send around, no versions to worry about. You’re all sharing the same whiteboard! It’s on Android and iOS. Here’s a video.

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I find this stuff so you don’t have to: An Open Letter to Software Suppliers – 13 Ways to Help the Public Sector to the Cloud – @copley_rich Why the obsession with “coding” misses the point – from @jjn1 “Whatsapp and $19bn” – great writeup Love this: “How To Create A Self-Paced Email Course” Why […]

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I find this stuff so you don’t have to: Not a geek – Matt Gemmell Technology vs. Democracy from @jjn1 Textal – A free smartphone app for text analysis Structure and Harmony With Innovation Tools via @wazokuhq Some Mooc points (specifically related to adult learning) from @petecaldwell Understanding Douglas Engelbart by @jjn1 A PTLLS microteach […]

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I find this stuff so you don’t have to: hackpad – neat collaboration / wiki / collaborative editing thingy The BBC’s hi-tech failure: Don’t Mention It Catch up with Doug Belshaw’s Open Badges Learning Hour – Learning Pool Geneva E-Participation Day: Open Data and International Organisations | Tim’s Blog Heidegger on technology, and technodeterminism Review: […]

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I find this stuff so you don’t have to: Toe and HTTPS | Electronic Frontier Foundation The Dark Side of E-Books To the internet giants, you’re not a customer. You’re just another user – by @jjn1 meandering thoughts on the NSA scandal from @zephoria inessential.com: How We Work Together Yocto Project | Open Source embedded […]

How the digital workplace is transforming office life

Great talk from Sharon O’Dea: By moving information and services online, successful companies enable their staff to work from any location, and almost any device, so that work becomes what you do, not where you go. In this session, learn how the digital workplace supports more flexible working, reduces costs – and makes employees happier […]

Google+ launches communities

Google+ is an interesting – if quiet – place. It’s not used by very many people, which is a shame, as the interface is rather nice and it features some really cool bits of technology.

Hangouts, for instance, are fantastic – on demand video conferencing which integrates neatly with Google’s other services likes Docs and so on.

However, because so few people are active there, it does feel a bit empty at times. When asked if organisations should use it as a space for engagement, I tend to say no – as time would be better spent working with the much larger existing communities on Twitter and Facebook.

Notes on making collaborative technology successful

I spent an interesting morning at the Online Information conference on Tuesday – ably chaired by my pal Steve Dale – and the session I enjoyed most was about implementing collaborative technology in organisations – one example was from a big media and communications provider, the other a government department.

Click through to see some of the thoughts that the session inspired me to write down…