Kiko is another online calendar service. It’s filled with lots of lovely little AJAXy tricks and generally looks lovely.


One of the cool features include having a text box which allows you to quickly add appointments using a human readable syntax, which is nice.

The problem with the site at the moment is that it is soooo sloooooow. Until they get that sorted, I will still be a HipCal user. But I shall be keeping a close eye on Kiko.

The question that everyone is asking, of course, is whether Kiko is named after the footballer:


I think we should be told.

4 thoughts on “Kiko”

  1. So what’s the best online calendar? HipCal? Shouldn’t there be one tied to Gmail by now? I am getting embarrassed about the number of birthdays I’m beginning to forget, so I need some kind of permanent reminder that I don’t need to fill in at the start of every year… Either that, or if someone can show me how to use the calendar on my goddamn Motorola Razr, I’d be grateful.

  2. Heh. Motorola phones are impossible to use full stop, aren’t they?

    I use HipCal – it’s fairly simple and quick. For a while they presented all dates in the American weirdo backwards way, but they have sorted that out now.

    There are loads of rumours about the Google Calendar, and I think it isn’t far off now.

    Also fairly good is the Yahoo! calendar, but I agree it is nice to have these things in one place.

  3. Thanks for the link! We’re working on the IE speed issues, and will be rolling out patches this week to hopefully mitigate the problem. Right now its much faster in Firefox, but I know that doesn’t help IE users very much..

    Kiko wasn’t named after the footballer, but that’s a pretty cool connection. Maybe we’ll claim it in the future.


  4. Cool. Thanks for taking the time to comment! I was trying it out at work which is an IE only zone :(. Will try it at home on FF and see how I get on. Thanks for pointing that out.

    John – as a FF user yourself maybe you should give Kiko a proper tryout!

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