5 thoughts on “links for 2006-03-27”

  1. Oh nice, again, these pageflakes trolls wandering around in case they may lure an innocent to come and use their bulky package,

    Guys, why don’t you raise decent money like Netvibes just achieved and buy you a PR?

  2. I don’t see the reason why you call us trolls. I don’t see the “lure” argument either. I am simply interested in users’ feedback because that is – last time I checked – the right way to build a community. Obvioulsy Dave was quite happy to check it out and I am quite happy to listen to his feedback and ideas. So I do not see this as PR but as customer feedback. If you prefer PR that’s fine. Maybe next time you can not make an anonymous post but leave your email so we can discuss your ideas and suggestions, too?


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