Comments and Blog Sitting

So, Scoble is going to start moderating comments. Fair enough – given the amount of abuse the guy receives on there, I am only surprised he hasn’t done it before. It’s a shame, really, that a chap who wants to keep things open and involve himself with other people has to do this because of a few people who take the mickey. Oh well.

The more interesting point, in my opinion, is that Scoble is going to have another person contributing to his blog. Bubba Murarka, “lead program manager on the Windows Live search team”, is going to blog-sit over the next week. It’s interesting in that Scobleizer is so obviously connected to just one man that it might be a little weird having someone else producing content for it. Let’s hope Bubba doesn’t balls things up royally over the next week!

3 thoughts on “Comments and Blog Sitting”

  1. You certainly are not, Bubba! You are offering another perspective and style, which is refreshing. How are you finding WordPress as opposed to Spaces?

  2. Sweet…always wanted to be a mentos fresh maker! Seriously, thanks!

    I really like the wordpress text editor and the approach to spell checking (I think I like it even better then word’s approach…just a minor tweak, but good). It has been a bummer to have the servers of wordpress go down (happened again last night).

    Blogging is fun and i’ve been doing it off and on since 2002. My grand master plan is to re-post all my content in one place at some point. Until then, I’ll keep using spaces (and may even after as the master point).

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