11 thoughts on “2,000 odd bloggers”

  1. I didn’t request to be added either but am honored that I did. I too noticed a number of incoming links to my blog, hint how I found you. Thank you for the link up. What I am wondering is if anyone has received a few new readers from it?

  2. I think I encountered Tino while he was building this months ago, I probably have an email exchange from back then. He did some surfing around, and obviously used some list like a blogroll or the Canadian Blog Awards page for some, since I know the two people next to me through their blogs.

  3. Isn’t it incredible the amount of incoming links that you have? It’s amazing how fast these things take off!

    Thanks for the link love! πŸ™‚

  4. There’s an interview with Tino (he’s linked it on his site) that says he picked the first 300 or so by himself. I’m #315 and I don’t remember signing up for it either. But it ‘s a very cool project and I’m honored to be included!

  5. Hello there, I have opted out of the 2000 blogger list and now I get the joy of contacting all those who have added the code and requesting that my photo and link to my website be removed. Could you please see that my picture and link are removed and could you please email me when it has been removed? Thank you!

    Rose DesRochers

  6. Funny there is comment on a blog that states “Um…Rose….since you actually had to request to have your blog included, it’s hard to believe yours was used without permission. Tino wasn’t just browsing the blogosphere pulling out random blogs. You asked to be included.” I like you did not asked to be included and wish I never was included. This has all been one huge headache.

    Could you please see that you update the code and use the newest one and remove Rose DesRochers (http://rosedesrochers.todays-woman.net)


    from the list of 2000 bloggers, please. πŸ™‚

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