For Immediate Release

FIRFor Immediate Release is one of my favourite podcasts, which has Shel Holtz, Neville Hobson and a host of other contributors talking social media, web 2.0 and how it affects public relations and business communications. It’s good stuff.

Yesterday, Neville needed someone to step in to fill a few minutes, so I stepped up to the plate and spoke about barcampukgovweb. Neville has been very sweet and praised my efforts, but I think he might just be trying to make me feel better 🙂 Seriously, though, it was real honour to be a part of the show.

Anyway, you can download the episode here. I come in at about 16 minutes. I’d really like some feedback, as online audio is something I would like to do more of in the future. In other words, see this as your chance to stop me.

7 thoughts on “For Immediate Release”

  1. Dave

    Others sound by their comments to have enjoyed the FIR piece ; I would like to see it, but cannot. Is it on YouTube as well ?


  2. Thanks for all the kind comments.

    Alex, it’s an audio only podcast, so no visuals and hence not on YouTube. You can download the MP3 to listen to at your leisure from the link I provided in my post, or visit the FIR homepage to play it online.

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