Got an iPhone? Get AudioBoo

Neville writes about the latest service from Best Before – the guys behind the awesome turn-your-macbook-into-a-videobooth service Videoboo – which is Audioboo. What you do with Audioboo is simple: record audio on your iPhone and publish the recordings to your Audioboo account on the web, complete with your geo-location data if you choose to include … Keep reading

WordPress 2.5

Went live for download over the weekend. Will be having a look at it over the next day or so. Looks a great release, with some much needed improvements, including: Improved admin dashboard, which can now include widgets Multi-file uploads Search pages as well as posts with default search facility Better tag management Direct plugin … Keep reading

For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release is one of my favourite podcasts, which has Shel Holtz, Neville Hobson and a host of other contributors talking social media, web 2.0 and how it affects public relations and business communications. It’s good stuff. Yesterday, Neville needed someone to step in to fill a few minutes, so I stepped up to … Keep reading