What is the role of government on the web?

Gerry McGovern has been writing an excellent trio of posts on the topic of government and the web. He has identified five things that government should be addressing:

  1. Get away from a technology obsession
  2. Manage customer top tasks, not government websites
  3. Get politicians off government websites
  4. Stop government vanity publishing
  5. Develop a government archive

He expands on each of these things in the three posts. Recommended and thought-provoking reading.

3 thoughts on “What is the role of government on the web?”

  1. Excellent stuff Dave, hits the spot and i can’t agree more, but whilst there is politics involved in will be difficult to truely achieve this. However this could be the focus of regional or county (if you live in one) portal websites, where you can dull down the “council” and focus on the community and what people really want. i suspect this will encourage some good debate. I for one have got a great idea from this?

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