Simon Berry’s ColaLife campaign is a truly wonderful thing, a real example of using the groundswell to develop an idea into a campaign and then, hopefully, into action.

I was always at a bit of a loss, wanting to help out more than just joining the Facebook group, but not knowing really what I could do. Other than build websites, of course…

So that’s what I did. ColaLife now has an external web presence, so people can find out about it without being a Facebooker. I made the site deliberately simple to navigate, hiding the blog bit away and relying on images to help get the message across. Another great example of WordPress as CMS…

We’ve imported all the posts from Simon’s personal blog onto the site, so it can become the central repository for all things ColaLife. In the meantime, do register your support by joining the FB group and the Google email group.

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  1. It might just be my browser and/or its settings, but about half way down each page on I lose the first few characters on the left hand side … something seems to go a bit skewiff (sp?!) after the first quote on the page?

  2. The site is fantastic, can’t do anything as practical as you Dave, but will keep emailing my friends and will send them the link to the site so they can see it for themselves.

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