Dave @ NCVO Conference

I’m going to be running a session at the NCVO Information Conference on 24th November. I’m facilitating one of the practical workshops, playing the social media game to help delegates put some of what they have learned on the day into some kind of context.

It looks like it is going to be a great event, with some top speakers including Euan Semple and Ed Mitchell. It should also mean that I get to meet Laura Whitehead for the first time, despite having known her virtually for quite a while now!

2 thoughts on “Dave @ NCVO Conference”

  1. Really great session at the NCVOInfo Conference on 24/11, thank you. You showed us that we should always start with the what we are trying to achieve before thinking about the right tools for the job.

  2. Hi Michael

    Thanks for dropping by! Am really pleased you found the session useful, and hopefully fun too.

    The social web has SO much to offer the voluntary sector, but it has to be approached in a reasonably structured way, else people will get bogged down, confused and ultimately fed up.

    Best of luck with Voluntary Norfolk’s endeavours in this space!

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