Add LGSearch to your browser


LGSearch is a search engine for the UK public sector that I developed quite a while ago. It’s built on Google Custom Search, and isn’t particularly clever, but is rather useful.

Anyway, inspired by Simon’s recent efforts on behalf of DirectGov, I thought I would make it easy for Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 users to add LGSearch to the list of search engines they can access from within their browsers.

Simply click here to install LGSearch, or visit this page to find out more about it.

3 thoughts on “Add LGSearch to your browser”

  1. Very interesting presentation today Dave. Good luck in your new role- I look forward to following progress with the project, and being part of it!

  2. Brian, I had a lot of fun and thanks for passing through to my blog – and for checking out LGSearch too. Hope both are useful to you, and do let me know if you want me to help you guys out with anything.

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