Boring system announcement

If you can see this, it means I have managed to successfully rehost DavePress!

Do me a favour and leave me a ‘hurrah!’ in the comments. It will a) make me feel better and b) help me to know everything is working ok.

Also, various bits might be broken. If you spot something, do let me know.


15 thoughts on “Boring system announcement”

  1. Hurrah! Everything appears to be working nicely – I clicked around a bit and everything came up just dandy. Like the new header, too!

  2. Hurray! I thought my computer had crashed – thankfully the problem was at the other end!

  3. Woo hoo Dave – from melbourne australia – we in the eCommunications team at Boroondara Council love the Dave Press – and i’m glad you’re back in my inbox!

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