Why start a blog?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to start blogging:

  • You have ideas you want to share
  • You have a story to tell
  • You have knowledge you want to demonstrate
  • You want to progress your career
  • You want the great work your organisation does to get recognition

All of these are great reasons. But basically it comes down to wanting to do whatever it is that you do better.

Because if you start a blog, after a little while, that will be the result – no matter what your original motivation.

One reason a great blogger will never give you is “because my boss told me to”. Good bloggers do it because they want to, because it works for them, and not because it serves their employer’s purposes.

2 thoughts on “Why start a blog?”

  1. Hi Dave

    Thanks – a really good post. It certainly reflects what I have discovered for myself. I find that the struggle to put things into words has forced me to think more clearly about what it is I really want to say. Sometimes that means I don’t publish and instead, I leave a blog as a draft and come back to it later. Or I do a bit more research. It may also mean three or four revised drafts before I publish.

    I guess the only down side to that is a lean towards a rather over cautious approach. Then the whole thing loses momentum and final blog lacks bounce and engagement.

  2. Good post! Internal motivation is key really, if you make your blog for right reasons you are more likely to put the time and effort that is needed to make it work and you will not just quit at any hurdle you face, your motivation will help you see it through.

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