Blogged elsewhere: Why tech SMEs are Crucial to Public Sector Digital Transformation

I was asked by my friends at AdviceCloud to write something for the TechUK blog about how small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) can support public sector organisations in their efforts to transform.

Technology is not the be-all and end-all of digital transformation. However, any organisation looking to disrupt itself in this way must have a sufficiently flexible technology stack to support the radical change that is needed – and tech SMEs are in the perfect place to deliver what digital transformation demands.

Read the whole thing on the TechUK website.


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    Monographer writes: In the UK recently there have been two parallel developments: (a) the government, sensing that the sector is weakly organised, lacking apolitical voice and lobbying clout, has targeted SMEs, increasing the burden of both tax and regulation; and (b) the dangers of corporatism have been highlighted by the collapse of Carillion, a large supplier to the public sector. In this context, this post — the final reblog of the week — by Dave Briggs (well, strictly speaking a link to the post, since I couldn’t find a way to reblog the original text), advancing the notion (though not using the actual word) of a commercial ecosystem is timely.

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