Daily note for 11 May 2023 (now featuring links that actually work)

  • It’s my birthday! 44 today.
  • It turns out, little did I know, that the links haven’t been working on these notes for some time. No idea why but they aren’t properly being added to the posts in WordPress when I hit publish in Obsidian. I’m going through adding them in manually, which is a pain.
  • Another thing lacking in the current setup is a way to tag posts, which might be a useful way to find stuff after I’ve published it. There doesn’t seems to be a way of doing that right now.
  • Maybe I need a proper offline blog editor, but other than MarsEdit on the Mac – I’m mostly on a Windows machine during the day – do they even exist any more?
  • I wrote a thing the other day about digital culture and mindset and how important they are to organisations wanting to do a bit better in this space. I published it on LinkedIn, which nows feels a bit eccentric and I should probably stick it on here too, or maybe on the SensibleTech site.
  • I quite like the look of Traffic by Ben Smith. It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, these books about Silicon Valley companies. I particularly like it when everything goes wrong.
  • Lovely (football) story about Aberdeen beating Real Madrid back in 1983. Different times!
  • ‘Condign’ means a punishment that fits the crime

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  1. If only someone had sent a comment about your Obsidian links. Oh, wait….

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