Daily note for 11 May 2023 (now featuring links that actually work)

  • It’s my birthday! 44 today.
  • It turns out, little did I know, that the links haven’t been working on these notes for some time. No idea why but they aren’t properly being added to the posts in WordPress when I hit publish in Obsidian. I’m going through adding them in manually, which is a pain.
  • Another thing lacking in the current setup is a way to tag posts, which might be a useful way to find stuff after I’ve published it. There doesn’t seems to be a way of doing that right now.
  • Maybe I need a proper offline blog editor, but other than MarsEdit on the Mac – I’m mostly on a Windows machine during the day – do they even exist any more?
  • I wrote a thing the other day about digital culture and mindset and how important they are to organisations wanting to do a bit better in this space. I published it on LinkedIn, which nows feels a bit eccentric and I should probably stick it on here too, or maybe on the SensibleTech site.
  • I quite like the look of Traffic by Ben Smith. It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, these books about Silicon Valley companies. I particularly like it when everything goes wrong.
  • Lovely (football) story about Aberdeen beating Real Madrid back in 1983. Different times!
  • ‘Condign’ means a punishment that fits the crime

Daily note for 10 May 2023

Daily note for 26 April 2023

Daily note for 21 April 2023

Daily note for 20 April 2023

  • I wasn’t sure about posting yesterday’s note, which was rather limited, mostly because of having a super busy day. But I thought the practice of publishing even short notes is a good one to keep up with
  • dxw’s onboarding approach for new staff
  • Social media is doomed to die
  • A rather lovely vertically scrolling website, taking you on a tour of the atmosphere
  • I finished the Falco book a couple of nights ago. It was ok, 2/5 stars. I think the reason I didn’t enjoy it was because I just didn’t understand the main character. I get that the aim is that he’s a cynical, Marlowe style gumshoe transported to the Roman era. But while Marlowe is believable, and his occasionally idiosyncratic responses to things make sense for the character, I just didn’t find the same to be true of Falco. He just seemed a bit of a berk. Maybe I’ll give book two a go in the future, but I won’t be rushing to, I don’t think.
  • Next up is March Violets by Philip Kerr

Daily note for 19 April 2023

If you have literally nothing better to do, you can browse the archive of these daily notes.

Daily note for 17 April 2023

  • Blog formats from Giles Turnbull. Just terrific.
  • Super interesting discussion about content moderation and specifically Substack. The use of internet platformsto spread hate speech is a problem as old as the internet, but it’s clearly not good enough for those stewarding platforms to stand back. The ‘Nazi bar’ analogy is new to me but it’s a good one I think.
  • I’m a member of a couple of Discord communities, but I have absolutely no idea how to navigate them.
  • Had the misery of watching most of Forest v Man Utd yesterday afternoon. The centre of midfield seemed completely absent for most of the game, I am really not sure what Danilo and Freuler bring to the party. Surridge came on up front and didn’t really demonstrate he is up to Premier League quality. It all felt a bit random – perhaps due to the injuries and size of the squad. But I think, especially given Bournemouth’s good form, we have to be likely relegation candidates unless something remarkable happens.
  • I do wonder how much the double @ sign in Mastodon addresses puts people off. I know it does me. How can you trust something where such a key element is so ugly?

Daily note for 14 April 2023

This is a(nother) thing I am trying to get back into the habit of blogging regularly, recording and reflecting.

  • I’m using Obsidian as a text editor for these notes. It has a connector to WordPress which means I can publish them at the end of the day with a single click. Having an offline space to be typing into seems to make it easier to leave things unpolished
  • I attended OneTeamLocalGov for the first time this morning. Nearly 30 folk there I think, some interesting things discussed – lots around training and skills, as well as re-using tech in councils (so difficult!) and making change happen
  • Getting back to reading Dave Winer regularly. So dedicated to blogging, openness, better comms, news and sharing. An inspiration!
  • I have read 20 books this year so far, not bad going. Mostly thriller type things and historical fiction (Sharpe, etc). But also some history and literary stuff. Currently on the first Falco novel by Lindsey Davis. Not sure it’s for me.
  • I found the discussion between Tom Holland and Paul Kingsnorth pretty gripping. I enjoy the former’s work on The Rest is History podcast hugely, although I find his books a little too broad-brush for my liking. Kingsnorth I am endlessly fascinated by.