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Apologies for the lack of updates lately, have been busy doing other things. Here’s the latest video from Common Craft, to make up for it. It’s a plain speaking guide to social networking. Cool!


I’ve been adding plenty of video’s to my VodPod, but of course they don’t appear in the RSS feed, so those that don’t regularly visit the site won’t know they are there.

So, here’s a list of some of the video’s I’ve recently added:

Have you got some favourite online videos you think other LGNewMedia readers might be interested in? Join the VodPod and post them!

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Zoho Notebook (beta)


Zoho are one of my favourite web 2.0 companies. They provide pretty much best of breed web applications: cool stuff like a word processor, a spreadsheet, presentations, online meetings, wikis, and oodles of other stuff

Anyway, their latest little number is Notebook, a web based notetaking application. This isn’t just Windows Notepad online though: with Zoho’s Notebook you can add just about anything to a note: text, images, videos, audio, chunks of HTML, RSS feeds, entire web pages. Your notebook can also include word processed pages, or spreadsheets using the relevant Zoho tool.

I really get can’t across just how feature rich Notebook actually is. Try this video, instead:

All the other Zoho apps, taken together, provide a great platform for transferring your productivity to a web based approach. Notebook, though, is something else – probably the most comprehensive web application I’ve come across.

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