📅 Daily note for 8 July 2024

In the middle of a house move, so am working on my laptop rather than my main computer, and am on the sofa – my new desk doesn’t arrive until Wednesday! The computing revolution: How the next government can transform society with ethics, education and equity in technology – the British Computer Society’s vision for … Keep reading

📖 Countering the AI hype

This is a re-publish of a thing that went on LinkedIn, my newsletter, and the Digital Leaders newsletter. I’ve backdated the published date on this post to reflect this. Summary: all this tech called ‘AI’ is genuinely exciting. But the impact of it is unlikely to be felt for several years. Don’t expect quick results, … Keep reading

Daily note for 22 January 2024

I am running a 6 week online course about making a success of digital in your organisation. You can find out more and book on the SensibleTech website. Neil Lawrence’s GovCamp write up (Medium, meh). AI, data, and public services from Jerry Fishenden: But technology alone can’t solve complex political, social, and economic problems. And … Keep reading

Daily note for 19 January 2024

A minor innovation in these daily notes – pulling out the occasional quote from some of the links, and then using a horizontal line to provide some separation. Also using the lines to make it clear when a multiple-paragraph comment from me is over. Like this!: “I Made This”: In its current state, generative AI … Keep reading

Daily note for 22 November 2023

Raindrop is very good for social bookmarking it turns out. Mine are here. As well as Neilly Neil’s welcome return to blogging, Lloyd is also publishing stuff on a more regular basis. This can only be a good thing. Tuesday’s was a good one, I thought. Some awesome advice here on how to write a … Keep reading